In Moscow region two workers died after falling into a 10-meter well

In Moscow region two workers died after falling during the descent into the well depth of about 10 meters. The incident occurred on the territory of garden associations in the capital region.

В Московской области двое рабочих погибли, упав в 10-метровый колодец

According to the Russian Agency “TASS” referring to sources in law enforcement bodies of Moscow region, the workers died while descending into the well on the territory of SNT Mashinostroitel’. As noted by the Agency interlocutor, the incident occurred as a result of falling from a great height into a deep well. Later the deaths of two people edition confirmed in the press service of the Metropolitan Directorate of the interior Ministry.

Meanwhile, according to LIFE, citing its own sources, the cause of death of men was poisoning. They inhaled gas which at such great depths is allocated directly from the rock. According to the newspaper, the owner of one of the sections in the partnership hired two workers, aged 37 and 29 years for the deepening of the well. Agreeing with the workers on conditions and price, the man went out briefly, and on his return found both on the bottom no signs of life. Immediately after that, a concerned owner called the emergency services.

The bodies, according to LIFE, rescuers took out from the depth using special equipment.

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