In Mexico under the pyramid was discovered a cave of natural origin

In Mexico under one of the pyramids in the city of Teotihuacan archaeologists have discovered a cave of natural origin. Scientists believe that this discovery will change the understanding about the architecture and purpose of the settlement.

В Мексике под пирамидой обнаружили пещеру природного происхождения

For one of the largest buildings of Teotihuacan – pyramid of the moon, which reaches a height of 43 meters, archaeologists discovered a system of underground caves. The facility itself was built on seven successive layers, between 100 and 450 years BC, and was intended for ceremonies and rituals to sacrifice animals and humans. The space in front of the pyramid was used for observations of the Universe.

Similar moves have previously been found under the pyramid of the Sun and Quetzalcoatl, however, new cave like no other. She was filled to a depth of 15 meters, which may indicate the original planning design of the city and its infrastructure. Unlike the other caves, which turned out to be artificial, a new object was formed naturally and was an important centre of the first settlers, and influenced the view of the city.

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