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September 28, 2021 by archyde

Reporter Wang Yixiang / Xinbei Report

Fubon Titans Yang will strengthen, originally signed the former Central League home run king Alex Guerrero (Alex Guerrero), but Fubon Titans deputy leader Shen Yujie revealed on the 26th that after Greno considered coming to Taiwan, he may not have too many matches. Opportunity, therefore decided not to come to Taiwan this season, Shen Yujie said that the two sides will continue to maintain contact, and continue to reserve opportunities for cooperation next year.

▲Alex Guerrero, the former home run king of the Central League. (Photo/Retrieved from Giant’s Twitter)

Fubon Titans reinforces the new foreign artillery. Originally, he locked the foreign artillery Greno, who had served in the Japanese position Zhongrilong and Yomiuri Giants, but it was determined that he would not come to Taiwan this week. The deputy leader Shen Yujie admitted frankly that the two sides had actually signed in May. The contract was signed, but it happened that the border was closed due to the outbreak of the epidemic, and the relevant work permits could not be processed smoothly, so Greno could not come to Taiwan.

During this period, Greno continued to train at the base of the brokerage company. Every week, he sent practice videos to Fubon Titans to contact and understand the situation. Although this month, the Central Epidemic Command Center allowed foreigners to enter the country through a project, but because of the reality After waiting for too long, after discussing with the brokerage company, Grenoll decided not to visit Taiwan this year.

Shen Yujie said: “Since he has not played for nearly two years since 2019, he has been actively engaged in training. He has also passed menus to the ball team, including after coming to Taiwan, he hopes to join the second army after training. Waiting for the plan, but because it is now in Taiwan, it may have been November. The opponent considered that there are not many chances to play, and there is no way to help the team, so they decided to postpone coming to Taiwan.”

Fubon’s new foreign investment Dylan is expected to arrive in Taiwan this evening, and after Greno is determined to be unable to come to Taiwan, Fubon continues to contact Nunas. Shen Yujie said that the translator has kept in touch with him and hopes to continue with Greno next year. Maintain opportunities for cooperation.

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