In Mariupol, the occupiers “started elections” (photo)

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In Mariupol, the occupiers "started elections" (photo) In Mariupol, temporarily captured by the Russian army, on bus at stops in parked cars, the invaders are already holding “elections to local authorities” ahead of schedule, reported in Telegram. Petro Andryushchenko, adviser to the mayor of Mariupol.

In Mariupol, the occupiers "started elections" (photo)

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«Vyborcha dot» – Russian know-how. Around morning, such cars appeared at bus stops, in particular, they were parked near City Hospital-2. The woman announced: “Dосрочные выборы! Let's go, let's vote!». A transparent sealed urn with ballots is installed on the hood, Andryushchenko wrote under the photo. He noted that those involved in the elections near the car, the workers conduct a "voting" without any checking of documents.

"They grab everyone around, the documents are not checked – ballot in hand, surname from words in the list and forward to the "expression of will". Such “elections” from all sides,” the mayor's adviser quipped.