“In Linda Caicedo there are a lot of girls who want to be like her”: Juan Pablo Sorín excited with the Colombian star

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The historic player of the Argentine national team analyzed the current situation of women's football in Colombia and highlighted the achievements achieved in 2022 by the national team


Camilo Zabaleta – @camilozabaleta

“In Linda Caicedo there are a lot of girls who want to be like her”: Juan Pablo Sorín excited with the star Colombian

Linda Caicedo joined a select list of Colombians who have scored goals in different World Cup categories. Image: FIFA.

One of the former soccer players who has been responsible for making women's soccer visible is the Argentinian Juan Pablo Sorín. The former left winger spoke to Infobae Colombia in the conversation organized by DirecTV about the recent victory of the Colombia Women's Under-17 team , which took place in India and ended with the Cafeteras being runner-up after the defeat in the grand final against Spain.

The now commentator assured that in Colombia They should be proud of the achievements of the women's team, not only for reaching the final of a tournament organized by FIFA for the first time in history, but also for being runner-up in the Copa América that was played in Colombia and the presentation at the FIFA Women's World Cup that was played in the middle of the year in 2022:

“Happiness and pride you should have in your team and all the true people who have supported it. There cannot be a setback in what is to come, but the sponsors, as well as the visibility, the academies and of course the Women's League must be multiplied”.

The season of < b>Linda Caicedo can be summed up as being a figure on the Colombia Women's National Team in its three most important categories, as well as being runner-up in Colombian soccer with Deportivo Cali and the multiple nominations for Best Player in the World such as the one from the Globe Soccer Awards and the IFFHS where she competes with stars like Alexia Putellas and Lucy Broze:

“Linda must be the first case in world football of an under-17 player playing the under-20 and under-17 world championships and will surely be in the Seniors. There must be very few players who represent the struggle from which she came as Linda does.”

The player was recently interviewed by Juan Pablo Sorín in his podcast and there Linda told the story of when he played with rubber shoes designed by his mother. For the so-called best left back in the history of the Argentine national team, stories like the one born in Villa Gorgona inspire thousands of young people who dream of being like them:

“We have to thank Linda for her football, that she continues to play as she does, which amuses us and gives us a show. There are a lot of girls in it who see it and dream of being a Linda Caicedo and not only dream but understand that it can be done (…) Hopefully this continues to grow throughout the continent. Many friends have to do with that growth, from Leicy, through Natalia Gaitán or Isa Echeverry who are not here today but are part of this fight.”

One ​​of the questions that revolve around Linda Caicedo, after her spectacular year with Deportivo Cali and the various categories of the Colombia national team, is her future as a professional. The striker was clear in expressing her desire to reach international football. FC Barcelona is one of the options proposed for the footballer to continue her career:

“Now personally, I hope to have a few days at home, recover and enjoy my family. My dream is to be able to go abroad, I hope next year it will happen. I still don't have a clear team, the idea is to continue growing as a footballer and as a person, in the club that makes me enjoy and be happy”.