In Kyiv, a 3-year-old boy swallowed magnets

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A 3-year-old boy swallowed magnets in Kyiv

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Doctors of the Kyiv hospital "Okhmatdet" successfully operated on a three-year-old boy who swallowed magnets – foreign objects were in the baby's stomach for about a month, which the parents did not even suspect. on the Facebook page.

The matter is that magnets at the child have found out casually – The boy's parents went to the doctor when their son caught a cold. And during the examination of a small patient by a pediatrician, the doctor ordered an x-ray, in which they saw with amazement… 8 magnets closed in a circle.

Remains a mystery , where the child found magnets, since there are no such toys at home, the message says.

“The family was immediately sent to” Okhmatdet “. During the additional examination, four magnets were found in the stomach, and the rest were outside it", the doctors said.

Some of the magnets were removed endoscopically, others already with the help of surgical intervention (laparotomy).

According to the head of the endoscopy department, Daria Voronyak, the magnets were in a state of decay and were in the baby's stomach “for quite a long time, perhaps about a month.”

“During this period, there was a perforation between the stomach and the small gut", – she added.

Doctors urge parents not to buy magnets and toys for children that have such items. In addition, one should be attentive to symptoms that may indicate that a child has swallowed magnets – these include abdominal pain, vomiting, and fever. 

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