In Krasnodar in the collision of an ambulance and cars were injured paramedic

Road accident has occurred on a crossroads of streets of Turgenev and Holovaty in Krasnodar, about two o’clock. I faced the ambulance and the car of German manufacture Volkswagen.

В Краснодаре при столкновении скорой помощи и иномарки пострадал фельдшер

According to reports, ambulance car, at the wheel which was 45-the summer driver moved on the street Turgeneva from Kalinin with all the typical signals. At the crossroads Holovaty and Turgenev ambulance crashed into a vehicle Volkswagen that was being driven by 30-year-old man. The result is a special machine tipped over and fell under the wheels located at the crossroads of two transport vases. In the hospital after this road accident were four people: paramedic, ambulance driver, a mother and her minor child who was present in the vehicle. Near the scene of an accident based children’s hospital No. 1. The incident is currently assigned to the investigation, all circumstances and moments are established.

Also recently in the Krasnodar territory the car running drunk driver flew into the fence, eventually injuring two people. According to preliminary information, the 24-year-old man lost control, left the roadway and hit the electricity pylon, and then to the fence near the house.

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