In Japan used cars fell by 40%

In Japan collapsed secondary market of road transport. According to consulting company Kobunsha Co. Ltd., on average, used cars have become cheaper by 40%.

В Японии автомобили с пробегом подешевели на 40%

Analysts analyzed the sales in the secondary market in may and compared the obtained data with the statistics for February. It turned out that most used cars have lost about 40% of the cost. Blame – economic crisis, which occurred against a background of pandemic COVID-19. The sellers say that the hardest sale was in March-April. Many of them were forced to close outlets due to the coronavirus. Reinforced the price drop significant reduction in car exports. Dealers had to lower the price tags to relieve the area and get a little bit of cash. The cost of the car, which was offered for 3 million yen, decreased to 2 million.

Japanese auto experts point out that in June the price tags gradually started to rise, but before the end of the month, buyers will have the opportunity to purchase the vehicle almost 2 times cheaper.

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