In her new memoir, Pamela Anderson details episodes of violence with Tommy Lee and talks about her famous sex tape

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The “Baywatch” star returns to the spotlight with her new book and documentary on Netflix, premiering January 31

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In her new memoir, Pamela Anderson details episodes of violence with Tommy Lee and talks about her famous sex tape

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee (Photo by S. Granitz/WireImage)

In the early days of Pamela Anderson's love affair with rocker Tommy Lee, “Baywatch” star says: “We just wanted to have babies and be together forever.”

The 55-year-old actress and activist writes about her tender, tumultuous moments, and her love for her two sons, Brandon, 26, and Dylan, 25, in her new memoir, “Love, Pamela”, excerpted by People magazine.

Both the book and her new Netflix documentary, “Pamela , a love story”, arrives January 31.

As she writes, looking back: “My relationship with Tommy may have been the only time I was truly in love.”

Their 1995 wedding on a Cancun beach generated countless headlines and paparazzi chases. Sometimes her life and her love were too much. “We had fun,” he writes, “and our rule was that there were no rules.”

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But the theft of intimate material from a safe in his garage, which later became the first ever leaked sex tape, heightened the relentless pursuit of tabloids and paparazzi.

“ It ruined lives, starting with our relationship, and it's inexcusable that people, to this day, think they can benefit from such an ordeal, let alone a crime,” writes Anderson, who has never seen the movie having relationships. sex with her then husband.

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee met on New Year's Eve 1994 and the musician was crazy about that woman, a true sex bomb, famous worldwide for the hit series of the moment. He followed her on a trip to Cancun without her permission and, three days after her first date, they were married in Mexico.

In her new memoir, Pamela Anderson details episodes of violence with Tommy Lee and talks about her famous sex tape

Pamela Anderson with his sons Brandon and Dylan Lee (Photo by Gregg DeGuire/WireImage)

With their two young children at home, the pressures and stress eventually overwhelmed them, detail. One night in 1998, she says Lee twisted her arm while holding seven-month-old Dylan and Brandon was playing near them. “Tommy ripped Brandon from me and threw me and Dylan against a wall,” she reveals. In a panic, she called 911. The musician was arrested and served six months in jail. And, as she writes, “Our hell began.”

Anderson filed for divorce. In the months and years that followed, she focused on caring for her children and finding healing.

“Tommy's divorce was the hardest, lowest, most difficult point of my life,” she writes in her memoirs. “She was devastated. I still couldn't believe that the person I loved the most was capable of what had happened that night. We were both devastated, but I had to protect my babies.”

More than two decades later, she and Lee “check in from time to time,” she says. “Tommy is the father of my children and I will be forever grateful.”

Pamela Anderson defined a decade. She now she will define herself

Single and living on her grandparents' old farm on Vancouver Island, she is surrounded by her five dogs, her beloved books, her garden, and the sea.

“I live a life more romantic now that I'm single than in relationships,” says Anderson, who married four more times: Kid Rock, Rick Salomon (they were married twice but one of the marriages annulled), and Dan Hayhurst, a marriage of less than a year that ended in 2021.

“I light my candles, I play my music. I have my piano, I'm sure it would be wonderful if someone else was in my life and wanted the same thing. It's usually about catering to them, and there has to be a balance,” he notes in his book.

It's something he strives for these days, as he prepares to share her full story with the world and the lessons in self-love. “I don't need someone to bring me rosessays Anderson. “I just planted a hundred rose bushes. I can get them whenever I want, and they are my favorite roses.”

In her new memoirs, Pamela Anderson details the episodes of violence with Tommy Lee and talks about his famous sex tape

Pamela Anderson in New York in 2022 (Photo by Gotham/GC Images)

In her memoir, Anderson also talks about getting over sexual assault and never giving up: “I did it through thick and thin.”

“I feel like I definitely found out who I'm not throughout my life. my life and now I'm remembering who I am,” says Anderson, 55, in this week's People cover story. “And who was that girl before something happened to her.”

she was a girl who began to lose the trust of adults after being sexually abused at a young age.

“In my case, it was a babysitter who sexualized me very early, forcing me to play strange games with her body”< /b>, recalls Anderson. “She threatened me so I wouldn't tell anyone.”

“She was trying to protect my brother,” Anderson said. “He didn't want it to happen to him and so he did things so she wouldn't touch him. She was very embarrassed. I didn't tell anyone. I didn't know what to do.”

Nor did she say anything a few years later, when she was raped by a man some ten years older. It happened when she was around 12 or 13 years old. After that, she said, “A part of me just gave up. That was like another nail in the coffin.”

Growing up, she remembered that she didn't want to look in the mirror. “I never thought she was pretty,” she stated. “I didn't like having any kind of qualities that were attracting the wrong attention.”

Looking back, she writes, “I couldn't have survived my adult life without the strength I learned early on.”

After moving out on her own at age 17, she appeared in a commercial Canadian beer. Before long, “Playboy” was calling her name, and the rest is history.

Her story, as told in her memoir and the new Netflix doc, is about < b>strength and perseverance. “I did it all on my own and I did it against the odds.”

“I'm sure there are people who struggle like me and I wanted to tell those people that you are human and that you're not bad. I want to help. When someone tells you not to say something, that's when you need to say it. Predators choose victims they know they are going to humiliate in ways that are going to be hard for them to tell anyone”

She hopes people find the book “empowering” .

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