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In Greece, it was proposed to create a European air defense system based on the model of the “Iron Dome”

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May16,2024

In Greece, it was proposed to create a European air defense system modeled on the

The Prime Minister of Greece Kyriakos Mitsotakis proposed to create a European air defense system modeled on the Israeli “Iron Dome”.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to Novinite.< /p>

He emphasized the need for a single defense strategy for the whole of Europe to protect against potential threats.

Missotakis outlined his vision of a European air defense system that would cover all EU countries, similar to Israel's “Iron Dome “. He emphasized the importance of the collective use of European resources to ensure air defense for each member state, regardless of their national budgets.

For his part, Greek Defense Minister Nikos Dendias supported the words of Mitsotakis, stressing the urgency of implementing such a defense mechanism. in Greece and across Europe.

Dendias emphasized the need to prepare for potential large-scale attacks using drones and missiles, stressing the importance of proactive defense strategies.

Acknowledging that such a program will take time to develop , Dendias noted that the country's budget program until 2030 has allocated funds to support this initiative. This demonstrates a long-term commitment to strengthening air defense capabilities both domestically and in the wider European context.

Air Defense for Europe

In August 2022, Germany launched its own Sky Shield initiative, which is based on the need to strengthen air defense in Europe and to combine efforts more effectively.

Switzerland recently joined the project to create a single European air defense system. So far, 21 countries have joined the initiative.

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