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In France, a woman dies on a farmers’ dam

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A car drove into a farmers' roadblock on Tuesday, causing the death of a 35-year-old woman.

Agence France-Presse

Farmers continue their actions in France on Tuesday, a movement mourned by the death of a woman hit by a car on a dam, the day after a meeting with the government and as a meeting opens of European ministers in the sector.

The victim, a 35-year-old farmer, was knocked down Tuesday morning while She was at a farmers' roadblock in Pamiers, in the southwest of the country, with her 40-year-old partner and their 14-year-old daughter. The latter were seriously injured.

Prime Minister Gabriel Attal expressed his sorrow and assured that the nation is upset and united, on the #x27;bring concrete solutions to the difficulties of the profession and regret a tragedy which upsets us all.

The three occupants of the car which crashed into the roadblock, a couple and one of their friends according to the prosecution, were placed in police custody as part of an investigation opened in particular for aggravated manslaughter.

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The facts in question do not appear to be intentional, underlined the prosecution, highlighting the very low light on site in the middle of the night, without public lighting.

In the particular moment that agriculture is going through, this kind of drama is difficult to live with, declared in the morning the president of the National Federation of Farmers' Unions (FNSEA), the main French agricultural union, Arnaud Rousseau.

The scale of what is being prepared will not be modified by this tragedy, he then stressed , adding: the fighting continues.

The day after an apparently unsuccessful meeting with the government, new blockages take place.

The drama of this morning […] brings us even more dignity in our movement and certainly re-mobilizes even more, declared Tuesday an official of the majority union, Luc Smessaert.

Monday evening, the head of government welcomed the majority unions, without announcement at the exit. Mr. Rousseau said he expected statements from the Prime Minister that would significantly move the lines, evoking an immediate discount on diesel for tractors.

Gabriel Attal will receive Tuesday and Wednesday the Rural Coordination and the Peasant Confederation, the 2nd and 3rd French agricultural unions.

M. Attal wants to move quickly, within the week, immediately affirmed the Minister of Agriculture, Marc Fesneau.

The first French agricultural union has won numerous arbitrations for several years, such as on taxes on water or pesticides, but farmers continue to complain of being overwhelmed by standards and of not earning a good enough living.

Among the demands heard on the ground: administrative simplifications, no new ban on pesticides, stop increasing the price of diesel for tractors, being compensated more quickly after calamities or even the full application of the law supposed to oblige manufacturers and supermarkets to pay farmers better.

The government fears a conflagration. From the Netherlands to Romania via Poland and Germany, farmers are stepping up actions against tax increases and the European Green Deal.

On Tuesday, European ministers from the agricultural sector meet in Brussels.

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