“In Europe one is naked,” he said.

September 5, 2021 by archyde

To the beat of “The bomb” from Ricky Martin, Juan Avenue He returned this Saturday to The Night of Mirtha, by The thirteen, after the traditional conductor of the cycle, Mirtha Legrand, hosted the show last week and encouraged the possibility of his definitive return to television after his long hiatus due to the pandemic of the coronavirus.

“La Chiqui returned and Juana also returned”, the actress and host clarified at the start, who immediately added: “I’m here back in the program The Night of Mirtha And I tell them that I dressed up for a spectacular gala because I was actually going to the Venice Film Festival, but I came here to fulfill my responsibilities. ”

So the diva’s granddaughter showed her dress, a Gino Bogani model. “A great black natural silk dress, low-cut corsage and skirt on the bias, with embroidered crystals. Look at the beauty because everything can be shown, “invited the host.

The phrase served Juana Viale to reflect on the controversy generated by a comment from Victoria Tolosa Paz, who in an interview in an informal tone made a claim to the “enjoyment” and “enjoyment” of life, and stressed that “In Peronism it always got stuck, that’s the way it is”.

“How the candidate for deputy for the province of Buenos Aires said that in Peronism mm., In Europe one is nakedSo I don’t know if this is Peronism or not Peronism, but I am like this, with a little even color all over my body, ”said the actress.

He then went on to describe what “the return of grandmother” was. “All the return of the grandmother, last weekend, with a lot of expectation. She was very nervous but everything turned out spectacular. Everyone talked about her brilliance, her professionalism, how beautiful she was. All the emotion when he left, he was scared, a little, but it was divine, “said the actress, who commented that she followed the entire program on a computer from the hotel where she served quarantine after her trip to Europe.

“It was a very nice program and she felt very comfortable, but she told me: ‘You go back to work.’ There is Chiqui Legrand, current, 53 seasons, with all her years that she has, she never tires of working. Great granny, I love you very much. I congratulate you that you have put on your high heel and your dress again. It was very nice, “said Viale.

The host also spoke about her appearance the previous Saturday via video call. “I was in quarantine, locked in a hotel room. Sorry I couldn’t put on makeup to make the call with my grandmother, I was in a hotel, “said Viale, who had traveled to France for a few days to accompany her daughter Ámbar, who settled in Paris to study Visual Arts.

In the program this Saturday were the head of the Buenos Aires Government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, the candidate for national deputy Maria Eugenia Vidal, and journalists Alfredo Leuco and Guadalupe Vázquez.



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