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In England, eco-activists poured paint on the prehistoric stone complex Stonehenge

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun22,2024

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The prehistoric stone complex of Stonehenge in England was attacked by environmental activists from the Just Stop Oil movement on Wednesday, June 19. They sprayed orange paint on an ancient stone.

In Great Britain, two activists poured orange paint over Stonehenge, an ancient megalithic structure that is considered one of the oldest observatories on our planet. They explained their actions by wanting to dissuade the country's government from using fossil fuels.

Just Stop Oil noted that they used orange corn flour for the campaign, which will soon be washed away by the rain. Activists held a performance on the eve of the summer solstice, when thousands of tourists will gather at Stonehenge.

One of the participants of the action, 21-year-old Oxford University student Naiam Lynch, said that Stonehenge was chosen as the site of the action because it represents the harmony between humanity and nature, which is now broken.

Stonehenge during the solstice is a tribute to the natural world, but look at the state it's in! We all have the right to live without suffering, but the burning of oil, coal and gas causes death and suffering on an incredible scale. It's time for us to think about what our civilization will leave behind – what is our legacy? – say the activists.

Eco-activists demand from the British government to ban all new projects for the extraction of fossil fuels – oil, gas and coal – and full transition to renewable energy sources by 2030.

As The Guardian reports, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak condemned the action, calling it vandalism. Dissatisfaction was also expressed by tourists who come to see the archaeological monument and tour guides.

The latter said that rare mosses and lichens grow on the stone of Stonehenge, which are studied by specialists, and that the sprayed paint can harm the ecosystem .

In England, eco-activists poured paint on the prehistoric Stonehenge stone complex

Stonehenge/Courtesy Photo

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