In Egypt, found a papyrus with the texts of the Book of the Dead

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Papyrus with texts of the Book of the Dead found in Egypt

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In Egyptian in the Saqqara region, where many pyramids are located, archaeologists have found an ancient 16-meter papyrus with texts from the Pharaonic Book of the Dead. It has already been restored and named the “Waziri Papyrus”, in honor of the Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Mostafa Waziri. This reports Arkeonews.

Discovered in one of the 250 caskets in Saqqara ancient papyrus incantation will help to learn more about ancient Egyptian beliefs about the transition to another kingdom. So far, it is being carefully translated into Arabic.

The Book of the Dead consists of funerary texts to help the dead in their afterlife. It dates back to 50 BC. Scholars so far photos of this papyrus have not been posted online.

The village of Saqqara, 25 km from Cairo, is a vast necropolis of the ancient Egyptian capital of Memphis, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, home to pyramids, animal burial sites, as well as ancient Coptic Christian monasteries.

BAGNET recalls that in 2020, about a hundred sarcophagi with mummies and dozens of gilded statues that belong to the Ptolemaic dynasty were discovered in the necropolis of the pharaohs south of Cairo in 2020 , who ruled in Ancient Egypt more than 2.5 thousand years ago.

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