In “Dia” it will be possible to get a reprieve from mobilization

In “Dia” it will be possible to get a reprieve from mobilization

It will be possible to get a deferment from mobilization in Dii

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In Ukraine, they want to launch a mechanism for providing "reservation" from the mobilization of military IT-specialists through the portal "Diya". Alexander Bornyakov, Deputy Chairman of the Department for IT Development, spoke about how this idea is planned to be implemented, writes

In addition, they want to allow IT specialists to travel abroad for a short period of time to attend conferences , qualification forums where to attract new customers. Many sectors of the economy suffer during the war, and, as you know, the IT industry in Ukraine has reached a fairly high level over the past ten years, and our specialists are in demand all over the world. Among them – most men. More than a thousand Ukrainians have already been able to receive a temporary deferment from conscription under the standard mechanism for maintaining businesses and jobs. The IT industry now employs 280,000 people.

"We understand this, so we plan to create a booking mechanism through the Action" program, – said Bornyakov.

Reservation of specialists in a number of professions not subject to conscription has already begun, but the mechanism is very opaque. The Ministry of Tsifra promises to improve and insure IT specialists from conscription in the near future.

"This is a big problem, because if there is a contract and a customer who pays for a large team of IT specialists, and this can be hundreds of thousands of dollars a month, and then several key people are taken from this team, the work may stop”, – the expert added.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga