In China, the number of critical cases of COVID has reached a peak level

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China's critical COVID cases peak

Photo: Reuters

China claims critical COVID-19 cases have peaked due to a surge in holiday travel, Reuters reports.

According to the Chinese health authorities, the number of coronavirus patients requiring intensive care in hospitals in China has reached a peak. fears of new outbreaks. Experts, according to Reuters, expect up to 36,000 deaths a day in just a week. However, this number does not include those dying at home, in addition, some doctors in China testify that they are not recommended to indicate COVID in death certificates.

China said last Saturday that nearly 60,000 people died in hospitals from COVID between December 8, 2022 and January 12 this year, about 10 times more than previous reports. Nevertheless, these official figures sparked widespread skepticism after antivirus controls that had protected China's 1.4 billion people from the disease for three years were abruptly lifted last month.

Due to the increase in travel over the New Year holidays, 62 million people could be infected with the virus between January 13 and 27, according to the latest forecasts by the British company Airfinity, and the number of daily deaths from COVID could peak on January 26, which is sharply higher than previous forecasts.< /p>

“Our forecast estimates a significant strain on China's healthcare system over the next two weeks. And it is likely that many treatable patients could die due to overcrowded hospitals and lack of essential care,”said Matt Linley, director of analytics at Airfinity.

Other experts estimate that more than 1 million people will die from the disease this year.

The latest data, Reuters writes, comes after Chinese leader Xi Jinping expressed concern that rural areas are poorly equipped to combat a surge in infections as the holidays officially starting on January 21 bring crowds of city dwellers back to their hometowns.

But an official from the National Health Commission said that China has passed the peak period for the number of COVID patients in clinics, emergency departments and critically ill patients. The official said that the number of critically ill patients in hospitals was more than 40% lower on January 17 compared to the peak that was observed on January 5.

China's erratic exit from mass lockdowns, travel restrictions, and mass COVID testing has also encouraged people to use powerful drugs as people battled the disease on their own. To meet skyrocketing demand, drugmakers in China are rushing to triple their production capacity for essential drugs. fever and cough medicines.

“Despite the complication of the situation and despite the death toll, there is optimism that China will rebuild the economy with $ 17 trillion, the growth rate of which is one of the lowest in almost half a century. Owners and managers of factories in China, which produce almost a third of the world's manufactured goods, are hoping to return to normal after years of virus-related restrictions and a recent wave of infections that have disrupted business, – the publication notes.

These hopes have pushed China's major stock markets and the yuan currency to multi-month highs in recent sessions.

“China could see a sharp economic recovery starting in the second quarter”, – said IMF Deputy Managing Director Gita Gopinat.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga 

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