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In China, law enforcement officers were allowed to look after gadgets without court permission

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul3,2024

U China allows law enforcement officers to search gadgets without court order

In China, new rules allow law enforcement officers to search personal electronic devices such as smartphones and PCs without a warrant, even from foreign nationals, raising concerns about potential arbitrariness and privacy violations.

According to Japanese media reports, China has introduced new rules that allow police and other law enforcement officers to view the contents of personal smartphones, PCs and other electronic devices. It is reported that in “emergency cases” such an inspection is allowed without obtaining the appropriate permission of the court. The rules do not specify what exactly is meant by emergency cases.


Inspection and checking of the contents of gadgets can be carried out for foreign citizens as well. According to Japanese media, this may cause foreign businessmen and expats to fear potential arbitrariness towards them.

It is reported that the new rules were adopted a year after the PRC passed a law to strengthen the fight against foreign espionage. Law enforcement agencies are authorized to inspect personal devices for data such as e-mails, photos, and other images and video files.

If it is not possible to inspect the contents of the device directly on site, a law enforcement officer can deliver the digital device to a special location where it will be able to inspect it.

Japan's Kyodo agency cites representatives of an unnamed Japanese tour operator who believes the new rules could reduce the flow of Japanese tourists to China. It is reported that some Japanese companies have already advised their employees not to take their smartphones with them to China if they are going there for business purposes.

Natasha Kumar

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