In China identified 5 new cases COVID-19

In China over the past day have revealed 5 new infections COVID-19. 2 patients coronavirus are asymptomatic.

В Китае выявлено 5 новых случаев COVID-19

It is known that 3 cases of infection with coronavirus – import, they are registered in the province Guandun. However, over the past day, none of the patients died. Data for asymptomatic carriers in the country have begun to publish in April. Currently, such patients 257. They are all under the supervision of specialized physicians. At the same time many of these patients had over the entire period of the pandemic is unknown.

In mainland China COVID-19 ill over 83 000 people. Of these, more than 78 000 patients have fully recovered and 67 remain in hospitals. The import of infected was 1 771 people, of whom 1 recovered 708 infected. In Hong Kong during the pandemic coronavirus diagnosed 1 102 people. Of them, 4 patients died, 1 045 – cured. In Macau ill 45 residents. They all successfully overcame the infection. In Taiwan infected 443 people, 429 patients recovered, 7 died.

Statistics released by the state Committee of public health of China.

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