In China, caught the signals of an alien civilization

In China, caught the signals of an alien civilization

Alien civilization signals caught in China

Photo: fast.bao. ac.cnFAST Radio Telescope

Scientists are going to do more research to figure out what kind of signal it really is.

Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences said they found suspicious signals that are likely sent by an extraterrestrial civilization. Futurism reports this.

The signals were detected using the world's largest radio telescope FAST, with a diameter of 500 meters, when we examined its data for 2019.

«The probability that we were able to detect a real signal from an extraterrestrial civilization is very high. But also this radio signal can be ordinary radio interference or something else. More research is needed to confirm that this is a signal from aliens, or vice versa to exclude such a possibility», — noted Zhang Tongjie.

At the same time, the SpaceNews journalist believes that this is an interesting statement , but for now there is no reason to be very worried about aliens

«We will analyze these signals with the FAST telescope and look for such suspicious signals again to understand where they come from, which will make it possible to accurately say if they are related to potential aliens», — added Tongjie.