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In China, Apple sells phones at big discounts – it wants to protect its position in the market

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May20,2024

In China, Apple sells phones with big discounts - wants to protect its position in the market

Apple launched an aggressive discount campaign in China on its official account on the Tmall e-commerce site campaign, offering discounts of up to 2,300 yuan ($318) on select iPhone models.

As reported by Ukrinform, this was reported by Reuters.

With the help of discounts, the American technology giant seeks to protect its position in the Chinese market of high-end smartphones, where it faces increasing competition from local manufacturers, primarily Huawei .

The discount promotion will run from May 20 to 28, and the current discount is significantly higher than during Apple's previous campaign in February, when the maximum discount was 1,150 yuan.

This time, the biggest discount of 2,300 yuan applies to the 1TB iPhone 15 Pro Max model, the other models have a smaller discount, but the prices are still significantly reduced. For example, the 128GB version of the iPhone 15 base model is discounted by 1,400 yuan.

The increased competitive pressure on Apple comes after Huawei unveiled its new Pura 70 series of high-end smartphones last month, following the release of the Mate 60 last August .

Apple's previous discount campaign in February helped the company mitigate a slowdown in sales in China. Apple's shipments to China rose 12% in March, according to Reuters estimates based on data from the Chinese Academy of Information and Communications Technology, marking a sharp improvement from the first two months of the year, when sales fell sharply by 37%.

As reported by Ukrinform, Apple's share of the Chinese smartphone market fell by 6.6% in the first quarter of the year, due to which the company lost its status as the largest seller, giving way to local Chinese manufacturers Honor and Huawei.

Natasha Kumar

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