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In Cherkassy, ​​multi-functional ground tracked drones with high cross-country ability are manufactured

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun14,2024

Cherkassy manufactures multi-purpose tracked drones with high cross-country ability

A few months ago, a team of Cherkasy engineers began assembling remote-controlled tracked drones that are used to transport ammunition or personal items, and also for transporting the wounded. A modular miner is also installed on the complex.

Basic drawings for assembling drones were shared by partners. The rest of the details for additional functionality — developed by Cherkasy engineers. About this he told "Societal" one of the developers is Oleksiy Buldei. 

From mining drone, can be transformed into evacuation drone. For this, the trailer is connected, the sides are folded down and the stretchers are placed.

The control range is up to 2 km. The pilot's eyes can be a camera or an FPV drone. The battery charge lasts up to eight hours, but at maximum load — to four.

"The weight of the ground drone is up to 200 kilograms and the payload is the same — 200. But if you attach a trailer, you can also add two hundred kilograms. The maximum speed is ten kilometers per hour. And this recommended “cruiser“ — seven», — shares Oleksiy Buldei. 

The team can assemble one such car with the availability of all parts in less than a week.

«With taking into account wages, rent, taxes and&nbsp ; details, then the works will cost from $4,500 to $6,000», — production manager Vasyl Savisko says about the cost of the drone.

The military is already using a ground drone on the battlefield.

«It has two functions for me: to provide personnel with ammunition, provisions , where it cannot be reached on foot, and for demining the territory. Performs his duties perfectly. I haven't even charged the battery in two months, — shared Vyacheslav on call sign "Fes".

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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