In Canada, the number of cases of coronavirus exceeded 88 thousand

In Canada, the number of diagnosed cases of coronavirus, outbreak of which occurred in China in December last year, exceeded 88 thousand. For the last day in the overall statistics is added 610 patients.

В Канаде число случаев заболевания коронавирусом превысило 88 тысяч

The total number of infected in the country has reached 88, 512 thousand people. For the last days in the medical institutions of the country as a result of complications from the coronavirus died in 78 patients. Since the beginning of the epidemic in Canada, there are 6,877 thousands of deaths.

The largest number of infected recorded in two provinces, the States of Quebec and Ontario. In some regions, continue to apply restrictive measures, but where the epidemiological situation allows, gradually resume the work of the various infrastructure. The authorities recently adopted a decision for another month to close the border with the United States to avoid outbreaks of coronavirus infection.

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