In Brazil crashed UFOs: witnesses in panic

After the crash of an unknown flying object on the Internet started to get weird – someone actively removes posts with videos about this unexplained phenomenon

Evgeniy Opanasenko

Thousands of people in Brazil have seen a huge UFO in the sky over the country. Social networks are flooded with videos shot on smartphones like a flying disc-shaped object circling high in the sky and glows blue, red and yellow lights. On one video you notice that the lights arranged in a triangle. Later, there were reports that this horrible object crashed in the Brazilian rain forest.

But then things get weird. Eyewitnesses also report that Google maps has hidden pictures from the scene of a UFO crash. Then noticed that dozens of posts with the hashtag #MageUFO Twitter “disappeared”, and on Reddit have started to delete posts relating to the Brazilian UFO.

See also in the story the truth about UFOs:

After that ufologists have shared the link to satellite image of Google Maps, which shows the woods in Colour, located to the North of Rio de Janeiro. In the picture there was something white bizarre. Instantly photo gave rise to several conspiracy theories. But this object on the map received a rational explanation.

В Бразилии потерпел крушение НЛО: свидетели в панике

This image was subsequently removed from Google maps

“What people see on the pictures is a reflection, which temporarily overloads the sensor of the satellite. Essentially, the sun’s rays reflected from the building surface at a right angle, what is temporarily “blinded” the satellite. This is a fairly common phenomenon,” explained a Google spokesperson tried to explain the publication Vice.

Witnesses also reported loud explosions and gunfire near the crash site of the object, as well as the heightened attention of the police and military to what is happening. Anyway, even if the unidentified flying object in the skies over Brazil really is a spaceship, nevertheless, more reasonable explanation is a satellite, or a different, perhaps previously unknown to science astronomical phenomenon.

Earlier, the Pentagon officially acknowledged the existence of UFOs and posted a video. Later, scientists have solved an important mystery of the origin of UFOs.

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