In Berlin, three Russian-speaking men attacked Ukrainian women

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Three Russian-speaking men attacked Ukrainian women in Berlin

Photo: Pixabay

< p>A group of Russian-speaking men pursued Ukrainian women traveling in the Berlin subway, and then attacked them. This reports the police of Berlin.

The incident occurred on Saturday, January 21. Preliminarily, two girls aged 24 and 25 were traveling in public transport. At that time, there were three Russian-speaking men in the car.  ;When they saw the girls, they began to verbally abuse them. They got out of the car with them and began to pursue.

Suddenly, one of the men grabbed the 24-year-old Ukrainian woman by the hair and hit her in the head.  At that moment, passers-by made remarks to him.  The attacker was frightened and, together with a friend, fled the scene.

Later, the girl complained of headaches, but refused medical assistance. The Berlin police turned to eyewitnesses with a request to help find the attackers.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga 

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