In Belarus, combat helicopters were deployed closer to the border with Ukraine, – “Gayun”

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In Belarus, combat helicopters were transferred closer to the border with Ukraine, – "Gayun"

Photo: RIA Novosti

On Thursday, January 19, Russians and Belarusians transferred their combat helicopters from the central part of Belarus to the south. This was reported by   "Belarusian Gayun".

According to the monitoring group, an increase in air activity in Belarus was observed from the very morning yesterday.  Machulishchi" (Minsk region) and headed to the Brest region, which borders Ukraine.

Helicopters took off between 08:25 and 10:56 and went to:

  • Airfield &quot ;Baranovichi" – 2 helicopters arrived: Mi-8 of the Air Force of the Republic of Belarus and one helicopter of the Russian Aerospace Forces.
  • Airfield "Osovtsy" (Drogichinsky district, Brest region) – 4 Mi-24 helicopters of the Belarusian Air Force arrived.
  • Airfield "Luninets" – 11 helicopters of the Russian Aerospace Forces arrived.

At the same time, one Belarusian Mi-8 returned from Baranovichi to "Machulishche".

Prepared by: Sergey Daga 

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