In Barnaul an accident involving three cars caught on video

In the centre of Barnaul, an accident involving three cars. The incident took place at the intersection of International and Komsomolsky Avenue, the accident was recorded by surveillance cameras.

В Барнауле ДТП с участием трех автомобилей попало на видео

The incident took place on Friday, presumably at 16:20 local time. One of the cars began to cross the intersection, while the car blocked the traffic flow of vehicles. The driver, his car crashed into the side of another car appeared on the path of his car, decided to avoid the accident and drove into the oncoming lane. Then there was a head-on collision with another car, were also hurt another car.

No information on casualties. Due to significant damage to three vehicles as a part of the carriageway at the intersection of International street named prospect for some time was blocked. A video of a traffic accident published in the community “Incident Barnaul” the social network “Vkontakte”.

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