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In B.C. measures in preparation to reduce costs | Results for the year 2023 and outlook for 2024

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David Eby highlights not only the past year, but also his first year as premier of British Columbia.

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In an end-of-year interview year on CBC, the premier of British Columbia suggests that measures are in the works to help with the rising cost of living. David Eby also discusses the challenges in health, housing and immigration.

One of the things I have asked the Minister of Finance and all ministers to do is to identify areas where we can help people reduce their bills in everyday life, said David Eby.

The measures, which should be presented during the next provincial budget, will be a continuation of those announced in 2023, such as free prescription drugs, or the $100 credit from BC Hydro announced during the swearing-in of the Prime Minister, in November 2022.

David Eby also closed the door to any exception to the carbon tax put in place by Province. I have heard the suggestions that we should cancel the carbon tax on gasoline to help people, he added. We only have to look at Alberta, where they canceled a gas tax, and where prices briefly dropped before rebounding to the same price.

Reviews for the year 2023 and outlook for 2024

Consult the complete file

Reviews for the year 2023 and outlook for 2024

Consult the complete file


The budget provincial will be presented on February 22.

Less than a year before the provincial elections, which should normally take place next October, David Eby also had to review his record regarding the housing and overdose crises.

In terms of housing, the government has carried out several reforms this year, in particular to restrict short-term rentals and to force the construction of multiple housing units, while investing massively to preserve affordable housing and capping the increase in rents. /p>

I think as we move forward with adoption people will see the benefits of these housing laws

A quote from David Eby, Premier of British Columbia

The Prime Minister said he was pleasantly surprised by the reactions to the announced reforms, even if their impact will only be visible in the longer term. I think many governments, especially across the country, know that this is the direction we need to take, he said.

The year 2023 was also marked by the overdose crisis, which has claimed more than 13,000 lives since the declaration of a state of health emergency in 2016. On this front, the province decriminalized the possession of illegal drugs in beginning of the year, but, faced with criticism, had to restrict consumption in parks and public places.

At the beginning of December, the coroner in Chief Lisa Lapointe announced she was leaving her position after 13 years in office, criticizing the NDP government for rejecting the recommendations of Coroners Service death review committees regarding easier and safer access to drugs.

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Prime Minister David Eby in end-of-year interview with host Gregor Craigie in Victoria

The Prime Minister returned to this dispute with Lisa Lapointe , citing in particular the complexity of such a proposal to explain the refusal to move forward and the desire to concentrate on access to housing as well as treatment for drug addicts.

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This is a huge challenge, and I don't pretend to have all the answers, but I know we probably agree on a lot more than disagree on the path forward. .

A quote from David Eby, Premier of British Columbia

The Prime Minister also revealed that he was concerned about the issue of foreign students and workers, many of whom are exploited by immigration agents, landlords and even employers.

What worries me is that the number of [foreign workers or students] is such that we cannot support these people, he explained. They don't want to report it because they fear being sent home, and we really need the federal government to be a better partner in this.

With information from CBC

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