In Amursk when a gas explosion in a residential building injured people

In Amursk, which is part of the Khabarovsk territory, in a residential building gas explosion. As a result of incident one person was injured, as informed in the regional emergency Department.

В Амурске при взрыве газа в жилом доме пострадал человек

According to the provided information, the cause of the incident was explosion of household gas. It happened in a house located on the street Amur, cotton occurred on the third floor of the apartment building. Subsequently, a fire broke out that engulfed the area not less than 45 sq. m., however the emergency personnel were able to quickly cope with the fire. One person in the result of emergency suffered, he required hospitalization in a district hospital. From home in the course of combating fire were evacuated not less than eight citizens, were involved in a total of 27 members of the personnel of emergency services, as well as six units of special equipment. Supporting structure as a result of the incident was not damaged.

The incident reasons while are unknown. Where are the law enforcers, representatives of the emergency and gas service.

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