In 2020, the highest-paid actress earned half as much as the highest-paid actor

In 2020, the highest-paid actress earned half as much as the highest-paid actor

In 2020, the highest-paid actress earned half as much as the highest-paid actor

Sofia Vergara is the highest paid actress in 2020 according to Forbes Women and men are not equal when it comes to salary and it does not only affect ordinary people. This weekend, Forbes unveiled its annual ranking of the best paid actresses for the year 2020. The opportunity to see that the female star who earned the most money would have accumulated in one year half of the salary of the highest paid man.

2020 has been a complicated year for the film and television industry. But despite the interruption of filming and the staggered releases of most films (it continued this weekend with the postponements of Dying Can Wait and Fast and Furious 9), the stars will continue to put their pockets in their pockets. thanks to their roles but also to the brands of which they are partners. Number 1 in the 2019 ranking, Scarlett Johansson left the top 10 and gave way to …

Sofia Vergara at the top of the ranking

Sofia Vergara! The Modern Family actress who was ranked second last year is number 1 in Forbes' highest-paid actresses of 2020. In one year, the star would have earned no less than 43 million dollars , not only thanks to the series which ended in April but also thanks to his participation in the show America's Got Talent and his numerous advertising contracts. Sofia Vergara would have touched 7.5 million more than the number 2 in the ranking: Angelina Jolie. The latter is followed by Gal Gadot ($ 31.5 million), Melissa McCarthy ($ 25 million) and Meryl Streep ($ 24 million). In this top, we also find three other stars of series: Ellen Pompeo of Grey's Anatomy (8th place), Elisabeth Moss of The Handmaid's Tale (9th place) and Viola Davis (10th place) who plays in Murder whose season 6 comes from 'be uploaded to Netflix. Discover the full ranking:

1. Sofia Vergara ($ 43 million)
2. Angelina Jolie ($ 35.5 million)
3. Gal Gadot ($ 31.5 million)
4. Melissa McCarthy ($ 25 million)
5. Meryl Streep ($ 24 million)
6. Emily Blunt ($ 22.5 million)
7. Nicole Kidman ($ 22 million)
8. Ellen Pompeo ($ 19 million)
9. Elisabeth Moss ($ 16 million)
10. Viola Davis ($ 15.5 million)

A much lower salary than that of the highest paid actor

A salary which is already impressive but which has nothing to do with that of the highest paid actor in Hollywood: Dwayne Johnson. In 2020, the latter would have earned $ 87.5 million , a little more than double the estimated salary of Sofia Vergara according to Forbes! To compare, the last of the top 10 actors who made the most money, Jackie Chan, would have pocketed $ 40 million, or three million less than the highest paid actress. A disparity that does not date from yesterday: in 2019, Dwayne Johnson (yes, him again!) Had won 89.4 million dollars against 56 million for Scarlett Johansson who was number 1 in the women's ranking. There is still work for equality!

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