Impact family criminal network known as 'Mahecha clan' in Bogotá

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The authorities indicated that the four captured would be responsible for different homicides that occurred throughout the year in the south of the capital

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Family criminal network known as ‘clan Mahecha’ impacts in Bogotá

Reference image. Two people being handcuffed by the Colombian Police. Photo: private file

The national authorities dealt a new blow against crime, it is the capture of 4 of the alleged members of the criminal network known as 'the Clan of the Mahecha', who were prosecuted for crimes that occurred this year in the south of Bogotá .

Bogota, “Abundant technical evidence was obtained that revealed a family clan known as 'Los Mahecha', which would be involved in murders and other criminal acts in the town of Ciudad Bolívar”.

The actions of the authorities managed to subdue four members of the criminal organization, one of them in flagrante delicto, in proceedings carried out jointly with units of the National Police.

Investigations have established that two of the homicides that occurred in the El Paraíso neighborhood of Ciudad Bolívar are the responsibility of the Mahecha clan. “According to the evidence, 'Los Mahecha' would be responsible for a violent dispute with other illegal organizations that has led to several homicides in the last year,” the Attorney General's Office indicated.

According to what was collected, a prosecutor from the Specialized Directorate against Criminal Organizations determined to charge the detainees with the crimes of aggravated homicide; and manufacturing, trafficking, carrying or possession of firearms, accessories, parts or ammunition. Those submitted by the authorities did not accept the charges.

The prosecution body concluded that “By order of a guarantee control judge, three of the defendants received an insurance measure in a prison, these are: Fabio Nelson Mahecha Liévano, Julio César Mahecha Liévano and Carlos Andrés Linares Vásquez. The person arrested in flagrante delicto, identified as Germán Ruíz Cruz, must remain deprived of his liberty in his place of residence ”.

Regarding more judicial information: the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation indicated that it was possible to capture the alleged mastermind of a crime committed against a member of his own family, he is a subject who provided information to one of the dissident structures of the Farc to extort a business of his aunt located in the department of Huila.

“At the request of a specialized prosecutor before the Gaula of the Huila Section, Derbi Sandy Díaz Gaona was subjected to a restrictive measure of freedom in the detention center, for his alleged responsibility in the crime of aggravated extortion”, the prosecutor said.

As indicated by the investigation in July of last year, Díaz Gaona's aunt was the victim of extortion by alias Alexander Hernández from the Teófilo Forero Mobile Column of the Farc dissidents, who with information provided by Derbi Sandy, intimidated a woman to that he thus accept the claims of the criminal group. Alias ​​Alexander Hernández has already been prosecuted for acts of extortion against other victims.

The Prosecutor's Office pointed out: “It is presumed that the man captured today sent him photos of his relative, cell phone number and telephone number of his business in Campoalegre (Huila), so that alias Alexander Hernández demanded 80 million pesos from the victim.”.

The information collected established that Díaz Gaona's aunt, upon receiving the pamphlets and extortion calls, was able to cancel at least 10 million pesos. For his part, Derbi Sandy was captured last Thursday, November 10, by the Gaula of the National Police in the candid neighborhood of Neiva (Huila).