Immunologist calls talk about “magic” pills for stress a myth

Immunologist calls talk about “magic” pills for stress a myth

There are no “magic” stress pills that would relieve a person from this condition, and therefore any talk about them is a myth. According to the experienced immunologist and therapist Irina Yartseva, stress is at the root of a huge number of diseases.

Immunologist calls talk about

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“The average person cannot feel stress, but doctors are capable of it,” the expert says. According to Yartseva, if in the old days medicine approached the solution of this problem carelessly, arguing that this or that drug works, even if it is not completely clear how, now doctors have very high-tech drugs that work at the level of genetics. neurons and molecules. “When another such drug is invented, its effectiveness does not last long and is quickly lost, so we have to look for a solution again,” she said.

According to the physician, while searching for solutions to certain problems, it becomes clear to specialists that there are factors due to which the human body sends symptoms of the disease. “The body comes up with a variety of mechanisms in order to develop it. While we are tracing one chain between symptom and disease, the body may well figure out how to get around it. At the same time, the symptom remains the same, ”added the immunologist.

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