Images of a cosmic catastrophe were known on the coins of 1054

Images of a cosmic catastrophe were known on the coins of 1054

Cosmic catastrophe images were known on coins of 1054 rock

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Vcheni z raznykh krajn published a statute, in which report rozpovidaєtsya about the arc of rare Byzantine coins. They prepared Mayzhe a thousand years ago. Experts vvazhayut that on these ancient coins nothing else is depicted, like a cosmic catastrophe. The Maistris depicted the vibe of the new.

In this case, there are about coins prepared by the Emperor of Byzantium Kostyantyn IX. There you can pamper the emperor himself without interruption. With all the respect of the fakhіvtsіv, they turned two zirki, yakі perebuvayut on the sides of the ruler's head. This element is considered invisible. Experts have judged this to be a popular understatement of the historical character. At the rich dzherelakh, earlier, information was revealed about a namingly tight and bright vibuhu, which stood in the sky. It was an hour before that the successors were able to establish that in such a rite the vibrations of the supernova SN 1054 were described.

Astronomers say that the vibration of SN 1054 can be called the most hoarse astronomical event in the whole hour of the foundation of mankind. As a result of the vibe, a crab-like nebula was formed. The last ones to talk about those that the star lay before the supradiascrawic and її it was even more clearly visible in the night sky.

As a result of the new opinion, astronomers took away the archaeological proof of vibucha SN 1054, which could be fixed without intermediary by Christians. Previously, it was possible to know the information from similar dzherelakh about how to get there, what happened. Most of them wrote about vibukh fahivtsі from Japan and China. This is also the first way of depicting a cosmic catastrophe on coins, and not in handwritten dzherels.

Return the respect of the varto to those on standard serial coins issued by Kostyantin IX, only one star. More are shaking to the point that it was Venus. Її richly someone in olden times having respected the rank star. The head of the emperor itself meant the Sun. Two stars can be known exclusively on these coins, as they passed before the special issue.

Prepared by: Sergiy Daga