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« I'm very drunk»» : Martine Linteau who killed two motorcyclists plead guilty

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Martine Linteau

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The driver who mowed down two motorcyclists in Portneuf, in July, displayed a blood alcohol level close to double the legal limit at the time of the tragedy.

Martine Linteau was going to buy another bottle of wine when she mowed down the motorcycle of Samuel Lacoursière, 38, who died instantly.

His passenger, Audrey Michaud who was 31 years old, also succumbed to her injuries.

The violent collision occurred on Côte Joyeuse, when the Saint-Raymond resident did not negotiate a curve to hit the motorcyclists who were coming in the opposite direction.

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The driver of a vehicle collided with the motorcycle.

A reenactor estimated her speed between 100 and 106 km/h, while the limit allowed in this area is 70 km/h.

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Upon seeing the impact and noting the condition of the victims, the witnesses who called 911 immediately informed the authorities that it was a fatal collision.

A paramedic intervened with Martine Linteau who was still behind the wheel of her SUV, immobilized on a field.

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Martine Linteau's damaged vehicle, in Saint-Raymond

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">When he asked her if she was correct, the 61-year-old woman replied: Yes, but I am drunk, according to the facts reported by the prosecutor, Me Valérie Bélizaire-Joseph.

Following the collision which occurred in the afternoon, Martine Linteau will repeat: I'm very drunk, I've been drinking, I'm in alcohol .

During her interrogation at the Quebec courthouse, she confirmed that she had drunk a bottle of wine before the events.< /p>

I was just going to get another one, she added.

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Me Valérie Bélizaire-Joseph, prosecutor from the office of the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions.

She admits to having an alcohol problem since the death of her two sisters. For five years, she continues, she has been drinking a liter of wine a day, starting at 10 a.m.

Martine Linteau had tried to end her addiction, through four therapies, in vain.

During her meeting with investigators, she estimated that she was traveling at 60 km/h when she struck the victims' motorcycle.

In addition to driving much faster , the investigation showed that the drunk driver did not put the slightest pressure on the braking system.

Members of the victims' families came to see Linteau admit his guilt. Some of them will testify during the observations on the sentence which must take place in May. had no criminal record is detained during the legal process, after having seen her request for release to undergo therapy rejected. She is defended by Me Julie Bégin.

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