I’m threatening to crack down: Jamala spoke about Krimu’s relatives

I’m threatening to crack down: Jamala spoke about Krimu’s relatives

I'm threatening to squash the law: Jamala told about Krimu's relatives

Spivachka Jamala knew what to believe in those who would call Krim in the face of Russian occupiers. So she rose, because her relatives in the farms lost that kind of mood among people there.

In an exclusive interview on the program Vikna-novini, Jamala said that she would have wanted to, that the children would have nurtured their native farm and those who had succumbed to childhood – the houses of її sim'ї, garden, culture, and the graves of their ancestors.


– If the stink grows, the stench can know the history of their ancestors. Tse give an understanding, who are you and the stars are you. Because you know your roots for sure, you live life as a wholesome specialty, – the sleeper voiced out.

It seems that Krim lost a lot of relatives in her and, given the situation that has developed, people there see the importance of not wasting themselves.< /p>

– For whom it is necessary to know clearly that the occupation is not forgotten, it is timely. Those people, like there, near the great heaven, for whatever the truth, the rally to get the wrong book from the library threatens them with reprisal, – the artist announces.

quiet, who is overwhelmed there and stand in front of the middle. It seems, bit by bit, people there will be the basis for turning Crimea under the control of Ukraine.