“I’m my own doctor”: Actress Tatyana Vasilyeva can be punished for the escape from the hospital

Actress Tatyana Vasilyeva was sent to the hospital with cough, increased body temperature and complaints of a burning sensation in the eyes. She suspected coronavirus, but she escaped from the clinic to obtain test results, reported in the television show “You would not believe!”.

«Я сама себе врач»: Актрису Татьяну Васильеву могут наказать за побег из больницы

Journalists came home to Tatyana Vasilyeva, who escaped from the hospital to learn the motives for her behavior. The actress said: “I had been myself the doctor.” After unauthorized departure from the hospital she stays at home. Food to bring to her relatives, leaving packages in front of the door to the apartment. According to the reporters of the program “You wouldn’t believe!”, Tatyana Vasilyeva can be punished by a fine of 5000 rubles for the escape from the clinic. His action, she explained the reluctance to be infected with the coronavirus in a hospital ward. In Instagram Vasilyev thanked fans for their experiences, comments on social networks, messages and phone calls. She asks him not to worry about her health. The actress says that she feels well.

Note, due to coughing, burning eyes and fever, she called an ambulance. On arrival to the hospital Vasiliev understand the magnitude of the pandemic, as was seen in the clinic, doctors work without rest, and infectious disease ward overflowing with patients. The actress first calmed, and then revealed a bilateral pneumonia. However, lung lesions, she was not strong, so it is permissible at-home treatment. She went home from the hospital two days before receiving the results of checks on COVID-19. This may cause the imposition of a fine in the amount of 5000 rubles. However, Vasilyev believes that it will be punished.

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