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« I'm late for a party», replies a man driving at 199km/h

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The 18-year-old driver was traveling at 199 km/h on the QEW highway in the suburbs of Toronto, according to the Provincial Police.


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The Provincial Police x27;Ontario (OPP) caught an 18-year-old driver speeding at 199 km/h on the Queen Elizabeth Highway (QEW) in Stoney Creek, west of Toronto. His defense: “I'm late for a party.”

The young driver was accused of dangerous driving and speeding, specifies the PPO on X (formerly Twitter).

Under the provincial street racing law, his driver's license was suspended for 30 days and his vehicle was impounded for 14 days.

Police reported the story on X Tuesday morning, but did not say when the driver was arrested.< /p>LoadingStrike in schools: Quebec submits a new offer to the FAE

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