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The display for this automatic knife was removed from Amazon.ca after the company was contacted by CBC.


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CBC found several weapons prohibited in Canada for sale over the counter on the Canadian website of the giant Amazon, including knives with opening automatic, electric stun guns or brass knuckles.

One self-opening knife model was even labeled a best seller on Amazon, meaning the item had been purchased more than 300 times in the previous month.

The product was presented as a camping knife. Amazon.ca removed it from its site after being contacted by CBC.

It doesn't matter if it's sold as a camping knife, says lawyer Daniel Goldbloom. This is a knife whose blade comes out when you press a button and it is a prohibited weapon [in Canada].

CBC also found an electric shock device on Amazon that was described as a multi-purpose flashlight.

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Amazon.ca also removed this listing for a stun gun that was described as an emergency flashlight.

By email, Amazon says it uses technology, in particular, to identify items whose sale is prohibited in the country.

In the case of the automatic knife, spokesperson Barbara Agrait says a bad actor evasively listed the banned product on our platform to bypass our controls.

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The independent supplier in question has lost the right to sell its items on Amazon. The company adds that it is contacting law enforcement to destroy any prohibited product found in one of its warehouses.

Me Goldbloom says that it is rare in Canada to see a company brought to justice for the possession or trafficking of prohibited weapons. If there are accusations, it is rather individuals who are targeted, he said.

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) does not compile point-of-sale data for prohibited weapons seized at the border, but says it has filed charges against several individuals last year. In at least two of these cases, the items were shipped from China.

Aaron McCrorie, of the CBSA, says he is disappointed, but not surprised to see prohibited weapons displayed on the Internet. He adds that he works closely with Amazon and other platforms to try to prevent illegal goods from being shipped to Canada.

The fact that people can camouflage small items and ship them from overseas is a huge challenge for us, he admits.

During the 2022-2023 fiscal year, the CBSA seized 18,359 prohibited weapons (excluding firearms). This year, the agency has already seized more than 21,800.

Me Goldbloom recommends that consumers avoid using drugs. buy any item resembling a weapon online. Ignoring the law is no defense, he says.

Based on information provided by Nicole Brockbank, by CBC News

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