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Ikea launches on Roblox and will pay players

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun5,2024

Get paid to play video games? This is possible thanks to this atypical project announced by Ikea, and available via Roblox.

Ikea launches on Roblox and will pay the players

a virtual ikea store

Who never considered, when he was young, becoming a “video game tester”? o” ? For budding gamers, spend the day in front of your gaming console. Playing, then reviewing the games tested, seems to be a dream job. Obviously, the reality is is very different. But it is still possible to earn a living playing games. games,particularly in the world of eSports. Today, Ikea wants to offer you this possibility. by working for the brand… in Roblox!

Earlier in the week, Ikea actually published a press release press, in which we learn that a game entitledThe Co-Worker Gamewill see the light of day inRoblox, a platform bringing together thousands of games and allowing you to create your own. It would have 70 million active players every day, but only 10 of them will be able to work in a virtual Ikea store: players will have“The opportunity to immerse yourself in the working world of IKEA, with a limited number of paid virtual colleague positions available in-game.” Let's try to understand more precisely what it is.

Ikea launches on Roblox and will pay players

earn money in this new game onroblox

InThe Co-Worker GameOnRoblox,“Successful candidates will be able to adapt their skills, help customers and be “We are promoted in different departments, just like in the real world.” The “candidates” in question are the 10 people that Ikea will have selected for their project. among the applicants.Gamers based in the United Kingdom and Ireland have until June 16 to send their application. A wave of“virtual interviews” will follow, which will allow the brand will hire employees who will work online, and will be paid nearly 15 euros gross per hour.

Ikea is launching on Roblox and will pay players

For now, the exact nature of the work at hand is unclear. to carry out remains unclear,although it is indicated Selected players will be able to venture to IKEA’s famous Swedish food market and bistro, and serve endless amounts of meatballs, or stop by in the different showrooms and use the famous IKEA products to organize the space”. ÇIt sells dreams, right?

This work in a virtual Ikea store seems to be a way, for the brand, oftesting the skills of the participants , which could term to be hired in physical stores. Whether we appreciate the approach or not, we can salute its originality, especially since Ikea has no partnership with&nbsp ;Roblox, the platform only serving welcome theCo-Worker Gamer.

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