Ig Nobel Prize 2022: who was given the city for the best award

Ig Nobel Prize 2022: who was given the city for the best award

The Shnobel Prize is an alternative to the Nobel Prize, and it carefully selects the whole list of the most important, and sometimes the funniest, awards. What year was the 32nd award ceremony and the third time held in the online format.

Img Nobel Prize 2022: who was awarded the city for the greatest award

Earlier, the award ceremony was traditionally held at the walls of Harvard University, but at the entrance to the world they made their own corrections.

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Physics Prize – Frank Fish

Professor of Biology at the University of Pennsylvania, figuring out why baby girls have to walk up to the row after their mothers. It turned out that such a synchronicity of the pov & # 8217; is due to energy savings.

Frank Fish s & # 8217; .

Img Nobel Prize 2022: who was given the honor for the greatest honor

< p>Photo: Scheme of the transfer of a rocker

Prize for cardiology – Eliska Prokhazkova

Vchena from the University of Leiden brought the heart rhythms into sync. Eliska Prokhazkova, for the sake of consolidating, vikoristala vosvyd – for a long time she could not sharpen her people, that bula was disappointed after skin blemish.

It turned out that people on the side of the arm were quick to guess what kind of partner they should be – and it takes less than 2 seconds for the heart rhythms to start to synchronize.

Biology Prize – Solomari Garcia-Hernandez and Glauco Machado

Successors from the University of São Paulo in Brazil to the spantelic life of scorpions, and to be more precise, their sexual life and constipation. The stench played the process of autotomy – if scorpions throw off their tail in case of nebezpetsі. And it appeared that at once from the tail of the stench they threw off part of the grass path.

In addition, male scorpions have problems with ruddy activity and make their sexual life easier , the shards of the rich for a partner can not stink.

Award for literature – Erik Martinez, Francis Mollica and Edward Gibson

A group of scientists from Canada, the USA, Great Britain and Australia conducted a study about those who themselves prepare legal documents that are important for the mind.

Medical Award – a group of scientists from Poland

Marcin Jasinski, MARTINA MACEVSKA, GANNA BRODZYAK, MIKHAL GURKA, Kamila Skveravziravziyak, Weslav Enjechak, Agnieshka Tomashevska, gzhegosh bassak Tu Emilian Snarci held pre -Sliznnya, Ismageli, Ismaga, Zmenshchi – Japan

A group of students from Japan, in the course of their study, found out the most effective way to open doors – it is necessary to twist your fingers when turning the handle.

Award from the history of the art – Netherlands, Guatemala, USA and Austria.

Peter de Smet and Nicolas Hellmuth gave a report on the topic of an interdisciplinary approach to the scenes of ritual enemas on ancient Mayan pottery.

Economy Award – Italy

A group of scholars from Italy, Alessandro Pluchino, Alessio Emanuele Biondo and Andrea Raspizarda, explained in a mathematical way and knew why success is achieved not by talented people, but by lucky ones.

Award for engineer2 Sweden

The Swedish authorities have created an elk crash test dummy. The stinkers have indicated that accidents due to the fate of the elk often happen and the victims are not only creatures, but also people. And car builders rarely do crash tests like this for safety, but it’s necessary to update the language.

Shnobel Prize 2022: who was given the honor for the greatest award

Photo: Los for crash tests

Peace Prize – a group of scholars

The award was given to a group of scholars from 9 countries – for the development of the algorithm, which helps the tilers to lie, if they tell the truth, and if they lie.

Traditionally, paper cylinders were handed over to all winners of the Shnobel Prize, as they symbolize containers for collecting knowledge and 10 trillion dollars. >