IFA 2022: Samsung's future

IFA 2022: Samsung's future

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 IFA 2022: The Future of Samsung

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September 1 in Berlin, Germany, at the IFA 2022 International Consumer Electronics Show, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd talked about how it sees life in a smart home. devices, and shared visions for a sustainable future. At the IFA 2022 Consumer Electronics Show press conference, Samsung showcased updates to the SmartThings ecosystem that bring new ways to interact and personalize devices.
During the presentation, the company presented its latest achievements in the field of home appliances, TVs, displays, mobile and wearable devices. These products are integrated into a single ecosystem and have received intelligent capabilities for more efficient use of energy and support a healthy lifestyle for users.

 IFA 2022: Samsung's future

«Smart» living with the SmartThings ecosystem
Samsung has integrated SmartThings technology into all product categories, bringing them together into an ecosystem that allows users to create and manage their own comfortable environment by getting all the information they need from Samsung devices or other brands. The SmartThings ecosystem will allow you to use devices to solve everyday tasks, freeing up more time from household chores for what really matters.
“Through our latest developments, Samsung is bringing a more open and intelligent digital experience to everyone, — noted Benjamin Braun, the director of marketing of Samsung in Europe. — We continue to create breakthrough solutions in terms of technology, while paying great attention to caring for the future of our planet.
Greater lifestyle for users

To create more energy efficient appliances and maintain its status as a leading energy efficiency company, Samsung combines the connectivity of the SmartThings ecosystem with energy efficiency at the device level in its solutions. SmartThings Energy technology will help users optimize energy costs by monitoring various usage scenarios and providing real-time energy consumption data.
By 2023, all Samsung appliances will be equipped with Wi-Fi modules and support SmartThings Energy by default, making it even easier to save energy every day. What's more, Samsung devices will outperform the current requirements for the highest energy efficiency class, with 10% lower power consumption than the standard.
Thanks to SmartThings Energy's green recommendations and intuitive features such as AI Energy Mode, Samsung owners can save energy in their home by switching compatible smart devices to power saving mode.
Washing machine Bespoke AI™ The Washer is equipped with AI Ecobubble™ technology, which transforms the detergent into bubbles that quickly penetrate the fabric. This achieves the same cleanliness as a normal wash, but at the same time energy consumption can be reduced by up to 70%. The AI ​​Wash Cycle intelligent washing mode also helps to reduce energy waste, which determines the optimal levels of water and detergent, and then adjusts the soak, rinse and spin times.
Digital inverter motors in washing machines, dryers, and compressors in refrigerators are backed by Samsung's most comprehensive 20-year warranty. This way, users can be sure they won't have to replace devices8 for the foreseeable future.
To help make your vacation more sustainable, Samsung has introduced the SolarCell Remote, which is powered by ambient light and radio waves from other devices, including Wi-Fi routers. Samsung estimates that this will prevent the disposal of more than 200 million disposable batteries in seven years. In 2022, Samsung intends to license this design to the public so that other manufacturers can also create a greener design. products.
In addition, Samsung is doing its part to protect the environment by reusing ocean plastic. The company recycles discarded fishing nets into a new material that is used in mobile gadgets, including the Galaxy Z Flip4, Z Fold4 and Buds2 Pro. By the end of 2022, this will prevent more than 50 tons of plastic from entering the world's oceans.
Through the SmartThings ecosystem, Samsung is not only looking to expand the possibilities for interaction between devices. The company is already offering new opportunities for healthier lifestyles, entertainment and greener lifestyles. But that's just the beginning: With support for 300 other brands and 230 million registered users, SmartThings's ability for smarter lives are limitless.
Photo – Samsung Press Service

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