“If you’re wearing a shirt, it doesn’t mean you’re a patriot”: Christina Solovey valuable family heritage

The singer admitted, as often wears a shirt

Anastasia Ocheretnyuk

Today, may 21, all Ukraine celebrates an important holiday – the Day of embroidery. For us it is special, because embroidered shirt – not just an element of clothing, but the whole history filled with the traditions of our ancestors.

The view that such traditions should not be forgotten, holds a Ukrainian singer Christina Solovey. She, like anyone else feels the authenticity of Ukraine is special and it is evident in her music. In exclusive comments Today.Lifestyle artist, shared the story about the family legacy and told how often is embroidered throughout the year.

"Если ты надел вышиванку, это не означает, что ты патриот": Христина Соловий о ценном наследии семьи

Singer Christina Solovey

“I put on a shirt not on holidays, and when I have special mood. Embroidery is part of our national identity and that should be respected. If you put it on, it does not mean that you are a patriot”, – says Christina.

Also, the Ukrainian artist talked about his Arsenal of embroidery and noted that in her closet no shirts or dresses with embroidery from the designer.

"Если ты надел вышиванку, это не означает, что ты патриот": Христина Соловий о ценном наследии семьи

Power generations in national dress – Christina Solovey

“In my Arsenal for about five authentic embroidery. And not from Ukrainian designers, a legacy from my great grandmother. Some outfits are already restored, have not passed the test of time. Once I bought a very nice Bukovynian embroidery. I don’t know her history, but this is my favorite and kept my mother in Lviv,” – said the singer.

To all the young singer believes that the massive love of the Ukrainian traditional clothing is a huge plus for the nation as a whole, because in this way we popularize the values of our ancestors.

Earlier we told you how to look stylish in embroidery and learn what do the ornaments on the Ukrainian shirts.

All the details in a special topic ВышиванкаDAY

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