If you want to make the Moscow Patriarchate in Ukraine eternal, then ban it, – Head of the UGCC

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If you want to make the Moscow Patriarchate eternal in Ukraine, then ban it, – Head of the UGCC

Photo: pravda.com.ua

The head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC), Metropolitan Svyatoslav (Shevchuk), opposed the ban on the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate.

He made such a statement in an interview "Ukrainska Pravda".

"We were also once banned— said the metropolitan. — We experienced the underground. Moreover, the very fact that we were a martyr church that did not become a collaborating church with the Soviet authorities, it saved our moral authority".

According to him  In the words, the ban on the church does not mean the end of its existence:  

"Why? Because                          The —  church is people who also have constitutional rights. As long as there will be people who are oriented towards Moscow Orthodoxy in Ukraine, so for the the church will exist. Even when, according to state law, she will be outside the law.

And if they ban then we will give this church the palm of martyrdom. We will give them the opportunity to really move into deaf opposition and become those who will then claim authenticity.  

I recently said to a legislator:  If you want to perpetuate the Moscow Patriarchate in Ukraine — ban it".  

On the other hand, according to the head of the UGCC, the state has the right to take care of its national security.

"And therefore, if among Catholics, or Protestants, or Jews, or Muslims , or  the Orthodox are traitors who are dangerous for the state, in particular during martial law, they must be identified and, observing all laws, take the following steps. You don not should be prosecuted for belonging to any church structure, no. But for crimes against our state — here we are all equal", — he noted.

BAGNET recalls, 1  December, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky enacted the decision of the National Security and Defense Council, by which the government was instructed to submit to the Verkhovna Rada a bill on banning the activities in Ukraine of religious organizations affiliated with centers of influence in Russia, which include   ;UOC MP.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga

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