“If you want, I’m going!”: Very tense reunion between Eric Zemmour and Laurent Ruquier

September 13, 2021 by archyde

Officially, Zemmour had come to present his new book “France has not said its last word”. If he did not want to confirm he was a candidate in the 2022 presidential election, there is little doubt that it is only a matter of time. “I’m thinking,” he said, while acknowledging that he was “not afraid”. “But I want to choose my moment. (…). For the moment I am not a candidate. (…) When I decide to be a candidate, I will come and I will say ‘I am a candidate’, a- he clarified.

Beyond that, the former polemicist of the show “We are not lying” had to face the remarks of his former colleague, since Laurent Ruquier admitted that he had not really appreciated certain passages of the book . Passages that referred to their joint collaboration a few years ago on the Saturday night show. And in particular the moment when they separated, in 2011. For Zemmour, Ruquier “was only waiting for this opportunity” to fire him. “His table is assaulted every evening by a court of left-wing sores and gay activists,” he writes in his book.

What made the host jump. “But how do you know who I invite to my table at night and why I would have gay activists around me?” He protested. “People talk a lot, you know,” Zemmour then replies. “You put all homosexuals in the same bag, that is to say that all homosexuals are militants, all Muslims are delinquents or terrorists …”, retorts a reassembled Ruquier.

“Laurent Ruquier, you say anything”. “No, it’s you who write anything! I’m just reading you,” relaunches the presenter.

“If you want I will go …”

Ruquier then evoked the passage of Zemmour as a guest of ONPC, when he came to present his book “A French suicide”. The likely presidential candidate described the televised moment as a “trap and a court”. “In any case with you, it is not very complicated. Either we do not invite you and it is censorship, or we invite you and it is a trap”, annoys Ruquier.

In his book, Zemmour is particularly surprised by the casting of the show that evening, “made up of people that I had demolished in the book”. There was in particular the director Xavier Dolan, “who, according to the laudatory portrayal of him by Laurent Ruquier, had genius simply because he was gay”, writes Éric Zemmour in his book. Enough to make Ruquier jump again. “You know there are straight guys who make really good movies and straight guys who make really bad movies, and it’s the same for gays. Not all gays are alike, not all Muslims are alike, all women are not alike. It is so shocking to distort reality like that! “

“If you want I’m going, you speak alone,” Zemmour throws him, unable to place one in front of the host.

This is what we call an eventful reunion …

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Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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