Ideal unmanned taxi in the UK in the face of the coronavirus pandemic

Ideal unmanned taxi in the UK in the face of the coronavirus pandemic

In the UK, the concept of the first unmanned taxi that protects against coronavirus infection was presented to the public. The development belongs to the graduate of the University of Staffordshire Marius Lochner.

Great Britain has created the ideal unmanned taxi in the context of the coronavirus pandemic

According to the creator, the COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the habits of humanity. People are forced to adapt to new living conditions and personal safety requirements. The designers have already caught the fashion for a new trend and set off on a “race” to create vehicles, the main thing in which is the principle of personal mobility. One of the interesting concepts was presented by Marius Lochner. His drone was named Muvone and even won the New Norm Mobility Award from the American automobile manufacturer Ford.

Innovative transport will provide safe and reliable travel, while making it easy to comply with social distancing requirements. In fact, it is a self-driving one-seat taxi. The car is made in a minimalist style. The transport, a photo of which has already appeared on the Web, is designed for one person. The interior has extremely flat surfaces and materials that can be easily cleaned and disinfected.

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