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Iconic doors from the movie

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At the Heritage Auctions Treasures from Planet Hollywood auction they sold iconic doors from the movie “Titanic” James Cameron, as they killed Rose Dawson Calvert (Kate Winslet). The Hollywood Reporter writes about it.

The balsa wood doors were bought for $718,750. They were described at the auction as a vishukan structure that “was actually part of the door frame above the entrance to the first class lounge of the ship.”

Iconic doors from the movie

They also sold Kate Winslet's chiffon cloth, which she wore for the rest of the film. This varity raised $125 thousand.

Iconic doors from the film were sold at auction quot; Titanic

Premiere of James Cameron's film “Titanic” It was almost like breastfeeding in 1997. The page transformed young actors Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio into superstars, and also set many records and became one of the most famous in the world.

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