iCloud users at Microsoft claim that photos that are not their own are appearing in their Apple library

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Some users would have found “people they have never seen in their lives, soccer games and other random photos”

Microsoft iCloud Users Say Photos That Are Not Yours Are Appearing In your Apple Library

Strangers in iCloud. (Photo: Techrom/Composition/Jose Arana)

Just a few days ago, Apple and Microsoft announced the integration of < b>iCloud in the Photos app on Windows 11. Yes, after years of being in the same industry, the two companies finally got together. they have endeavored to make both systems compatible.

But it doesn't seem to have worked well, as some users report that videos and photos could be being shared with other people.

< p class="paragraph">A list of online complaints collected by MacRumors reported the problem.

The first and most common of these is a data breach. After taking photos or videos with an iPhone, iCloud users using this app on Windows turn on their computers to look at what they captured. The surprise is that, according to their words, the files are damaged.

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First mistake: “corrupted” videos

Users describe it as a series of black lines that appear when playing video recorded with an iPhone on a computer.

This issue appears to primarily affect iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro users.

So far, neither Microsoft nor Apple have commented on the matter.

“iCloud for Windows is damaging videos recorded from an iPhone 14 pro max, resulting in black videos with scan lines”, explains one user, attaching the following video:

iCloud users on Windows 11 see images and videos unknown people in their gallery

Mistake 2: Photos and Videos of Strangers in iCloud Gallery

Another problem, and probably the most serious, is that users report photos of unknown people in Gallery from iCloud for Windows.

Many users are surprised to see photos and videos of people they have never met or seen in their life.

In fact, one person commented: “I entered in the morning to the new integration of iCloud with Windows and some videos have images inserted into the videos from unknown sources, possibly from other iCloud accounts.”

Another user commented: “I have been shown family photos of other people that I have not seen in my life, football games and other random photos. It's obviously extremely concerning and doesn't make me feel safe using iCloud.”

This is how one of the victims who has collected the aforementioned medium ends.

Users iCloud developers at Microsoft claim that photos that are not their own are showing up in their Apple Library

iCloud users on Windows show screenshots of photos that aren't their own in Gallery. (photo: MacRumors)

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Users waiting for an official response from Apple or Microsoft

Although there is no pronouncement yet, some analysts say that the problem could be somewhere in Apple's servers. While it is true that the application in question is in the Windows operating system, those in Redmond do not have access to such information.

It is very likely that the people of Cupertino will fix this problem Coming Soon. After all, they claim to take the security of their users very seriously; at least as far as third-party access is concerned.

So, if you have the same problem, just wait for updates that iCloud for Windows may receive in the next few days.

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