Icetex will stop charging interest on its loans from 2023

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The measure, which was announced after some changes in the tax reform, will be able to benefit more than 110,000 users, whose credits will have an interest rate of the CPI+ 0%

Icetex will stop charging interest on its loans from 2023

The measure It was announced by the president of the institute, Mauricio Toro. Photo: Infobae Archive.

In the last few minutes, Icetex announced that, for the first time in its 72 years of work, it will offer loans in which it will stop capitalizing interest, that is, the interest rate will be the CPI + 0%, for students who receive new disbursements and new users who process credits with the entity.

“For the first time, Icetex will stop capitalizing interest on new credits. For us it is a great achievement; this is a relief for many students, the disbursements we make from next year will only have the CPI as payment. We are making progress in our commitment to humanize the entity, to ease the burden on users and to facilitate access to education,” said Mauricio Toro, president of the Colombian Institute of Educational Credit and Technical Studies Abroad.

It is worth noting that the measure, which was announced after some changes in the tax reform, may benefit more than 110,000 users.

According to information from Icetex, the benefit will be applied as follows:

♦ Long-term credit beneficiaries will only pay the IPC (IPC+0%), achieving a real rate of 0 percent for the entire life of their credit by only reimbursing the inflation value of your obligation, without additional percentage”, says the entity.

♦ For those with a medium or short-term credit line who request new disbursements as of the second semester of 2023, the Higher Education Institution in which they study will assume the payment of the additional points to the IPC of their credit during the study period.

Until November 15 will be the day of solutions for Icetex debtors

Icetex will stop ; to charge interest on their credits since 2023

In just 18 days after the Solutions Day was open, more than 10,000 users with payment difficulties have been brought up to date with ICETEX. Photo via:

On October 30, Icetex's decision to extend, until next November 15, the Conference on Solutions for the citizens who present some kind of difficulty in the payment of their obligations.

Thus, in order to generate payment alternatives and offer benefits to these citizens, such as the cancellation of current interest overdue and moratoriums of up to 100%, ICETEX has decided to expand these possibilities of agreements , which are carried out through online and telephony platforms.

The conference, which opened last October 10, has been welcomed by more than 10,000 users of the entity who have been able to carry out negotiations to be able to catch up and that if they fulfill the agreed commitment, they could benefit from forgiveness that together exceed 6,000 million pesos.

It should be remembered that these spaces provide the possibility for people whose educational loans are in arrears between 31 and 90 days and for those who are in the amortization stage with more than 30 days in arrears, to make agreements or negotiations with the aim of being up to date with their obligations and receive benefits.

Regarding the alternatives to normalize the portfolio, ICETEX has offered some alternatives that may be accepted, such as: extinction, normalization or refinancing of the obligation in arrears, indicated in the portfolio recovery regulations of the entity.

Regarding extinction, the entity clarified that it consists of the full payment of the obligation; the alternative of normalization is highlighted as the mechanism through which thethe beneficiary cancels the entire balance due.

Finally, the alternative of refinancing will be the option for those who wish to modify the term and the value of the initially agreed installment, in order to be able to normalize the totality of this obligation.

In the cases of users who have educational credits and who are in the training stage, or for those who have already graduated and are 31 to 90 days late, they can access this session by calling the line toll-free nationally 018000112845 or in Bogotá at line (601) 3161867.

For young people with credit that exceeds 91 days in arrears and have completed their study stage, they can call the national free line 018000119716), or in Bogotá at (601) 7490211. Likewise, they can connect online at the following link: Icetex/