Iceland vs Romania live streaming free

Iceland vs Romania live streaming free

Iceland vs Romania live streaming free
Iceland – Romania. Euro qualification prediction (8 October 2020)

Iceland and Romania will play in the semi-final fight for the European Cup on October 8, read our version of the forecast. The Romanians have conceded five games in a row, can they score more?


The national team of Iceland is perhaps the weakest team in Division A League of Nations, so defeat against England (0: 1) and Belgium (1: 5) to explain simply, even if they beat the Belgians first. In friendly matches, Scandinavians usually look powerful, but they failed to qualify for the Euro, although they managed to score 19 points.

Bjarnasson and Hallfredsson were not included in the application for the match, and indeed the physical readiness of the islanders leaves much to be desired.

The Romanian national team had an amazing chance of getting to the Euro, but lost two final matches to the Swedes and the Spaniards, which overgrown the team in fourth position. In the League of Nations, the situation for the Romanians is much better – they took a point from Northern Ireland (1: 1) and defeated daring Austria (3: 2).

The losses of the national team are much more significant – players of the main squad Florin Andone, Jonuts Nedelcaru, who changed their club registration, and Vlad Chirikesh will not be able to take part.

The Romania squad has scored in 12 out of 14 previous games.
The national team of Iceland lost two consecutive games.
The national team of Iceland propustala six times in the two meetings.

In our opinion, the visiting team will win today; nevertheless, they deserve to make their way to the elite European tournament. The Icelanders do not show much this year and are slipping in the ranking, although the level of their rivals is quite high. The team, after all, plays in Division A. In general, they may score in their own field, but they will not advance further. The Romanians lost a couple of players, but this is unlikely to affect teamwork. They are good now.

Our predictions are the total goals over two in BC Winline for 1.97 and the Asian handicap (0) against Romania for 2.09.

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