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Ice volcanoes were found on Mars

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun11,2024

Icy volcanoes were found on Mars< /p>

Orbital satellites of the "ExoMars" missions discovered water frost near the equator of Mars. and “Mars Express”. In the past, scientists believed that ice in this region of Mars simply could not form. But now it has been spotted in the area of ​​Tharsis, home to 12 large volcanoes, including Mount Olympus.

Olympus — the highest point not only on Mars, but in the entire solar system. Frost appears here only a few hours after sunrise. Its layer does not exceed the thickness of a human hair, but the total amount of water produced is estimated at 111 million liters. This is enough to fill 60 swimming pools for the Olympic Games.

Scientists believe that frost on Mars is formed due to calderas — depressions caused by eruptions. Calderas can affect the microclimate above the surface of volcanoes: this leads to the appearance of frost due to the condensation and settling of moist air.

Adomas Valantinas, one of the scientists who research this phenomenon, commented on the discovery of frost as follows:

< p>— We thought that frost formation around the equator of Mars was impossible because the combination of sunlight and a thin atmosphere maintains relatively high temperatures both on the surface and on the mountaintops.

Natasha Kumar

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