I wish Ukrainians to knock out Russian occupiers, – colonel of Belarusian army

I wish Ukrainians to knock out Russian occupiers, – colonel of Belarusian army

I wish the Ukrainians to drive out the Russian occupiers, – colonel of the army of Belarus

Counteroffensive The Armed Forces of Ukraine became a useful lesson for Alexander Lukashenko's subordinates. This is reported by the Expert with reference to the publication Nasha Niva.

The Ukrainian army returns previously lost territory. How is the humiliation of Russia perceived by the Belarusian military, who were brought up in the idea of ​​“loyalty to Moscow” and faith in the invincibility of Russian weapons? Nasha Niva interviewed active officers of the Belarusian army and the Border Committee. The rank of the respondents ranged from junior officers to colonel.

“From the point of view of military art and operational strategy, Ukrainians are handsome, I wish them to save more lives and knock out the invaders so that once and for all. This is their first real war for independence,” said the highest-ranking officer of the Belarusian Armed Forces interviewed.

“The Russian SOF was crushed in Gostomel, near Kharkov and Nikolaev. They didn’t show anything, they died, and that’s all, in fact. Elite,” said the major of the special operations forces of Belarus.

“Putin thought that Ukraine was not ready for such a war, but it turned out that Russia was not ready,” notes the current colonel of the army of Belarus.

“The cannibalistic system cannot oppose anything to calculation, humanity, technology and democracy , these are my personal conclusions,” said one of the officers.

Many of his colleagues supplement what was said:

“I don’t know what the thing is, it seems that in the Highmars . They derailed the very philosophy of the Russian army: “we have inexhaustible resources.” In fact, the “second army of the world” was stopped by rocket systems of the late 90s, and this, of course, is ridiculous, this is a mockery of the entire philosophy of the invincibility of Russian weapons.

“In principle, it is clear what would happen to us if we climbed there.”

“Colleagues in ah..e from Ukraine: this was clearly not expected, and one can say more that for many this is the most important scrap in life. Like, everything is bullshit both here and in Russia: education, technology, standard of living … but here is the army! .. The army is powerful. And it turned out that she, too, is ho * but. The main military ally cannot attack, and neither can defend.